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Looking to make a DIFFERENCE in others' lives. Digitally. 


This is me

Currently, I live in Tallahassee, FL. I am finishing my B.S. in Information Technology in Spring 2021. I am going to be working on my Masters after that. I would love to have an opportunity to get a paid internship during that time. I am wanting to work in Network Administration, and in school, I am focusing on Health Care IT, but I won't limit myself. I would also be interested in Program Management or Business Analyst work in IT. I have a history of leading in the Coast Guard, and a sense of responsibility when it comes to my career and jobs. I am hoping to expand my horizons in IT where ever I may fit in at the right place. 

Experienced Professional  Leader
Network Administration

 Mariner   Social Media

Programming    Helping


I'm a full-time 

student @ FSU

I'm an easy to work with individual, I can roll with the group or lead when necessary. Though when it comes to my personal life, I like to keep it easy. You can find me in my spare time listening to music on my records or MiniDiscs. During my time here at Florida State University, I enjoyed being part of campus life. I am the President of Transfers Helping Transfers, a group associated with the College of Communication and Information. We are dedicated to assisting other transfer students in acclimating to life at a major university. We also promote the Food For Thought student food pantry as a way to help students who may be in a need of food assistance throughout the semester. ​


Clients &


I've had the unique oppotunity to live and work around the world. First as someone who was born overseas, then as a military member myself in the US Coast Guard. I also continued my travels while working for various companies as a Merchant Mariner. I also kept it close to home though and worked at a bicycle shop on and off through my other adventures since I was 18 years old. At 36 years old I had to opportunity to go back to school and start a new career path and now four years later I am ready to graduate and contribute to my community once again. 

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